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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr. Nikolas Stihl to assume chair of advisory board in 2012

Recently ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, founding company of STIHL Inc. announced that Dr. Nikolas Stihl will succeed his father, Hans Peter Stihl, as the chairman of the advisory board of STIHL HOLDING AG & Co. KG effective June 30, 2012. The elder Mr. Stihl, made it clear that the change was part of the company’s succession planning, “This will ensure that STIHL remains a family-owned company and will retain its character as a medium-sized enterprise in the future, too.”
Hans Peter Stihl

 The Move is business as usual for STIHL. “Succession planning is vital to the health of any successful business, so it comes as no surprise that a plan has been in place for family-owned business continuity at STIHL HOLDING AG & Co. KG.” added Whyte.

Fred J. Whyte, president of STIHL Inc. based in Virginia Beach, Va., said the STIHL Group has been extremely fortunate to have had Hans Peter Stihl at the helm for so many years. “Under his guidance, the company has grown dramatically and continues to pursue a strategy of technological innovation, product quality, and dedication to a unique, disciplined, distribution model,” said Whyte.

Dr. Nikolas Stihl, an engineer like his father, is well-positioned and prepared for his new role as chairman of the advisory board. Since 1993, he has been managing director of the Austrian garden tool manufacturer VIKING, a STIHL subsidiary and one of the leading companies in the garden power tool industry in the European market. 

 Dr. Nikolas Stihl