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Friday, April 15, 2011

Even a Flood and Five Months of Winter Can’t Keep a Good STIHL Down!

We love reading stories from STIHL fans and although we can’t share all of them here, occasionally we like to pick one out to share so that you can enjoy them as much as we do. This one comes to us from Joshua from Ohio.

"A couple weeks ago I noticed that I was missing my leaf blower. It was not with my two MS 250 or MS 880 chain saws or by my FS 250 weed cutter. After searching I had no luck in finding it. Yesterday I was
 cleaning up some river debris on my farm and there lying in a pile of mud and trees was my BG 85 blower. After a flood and 5 months of winter there was my BG 85 that fell off my golf cart last fall. I dumped the gas and cleaned out the mud. Three pulls and she started right up, only a STIHL."

Glad you found your blower Josh, and thanks for sharing. Stories like this remind us why we work so hard to make quality equipment.

If you’d like to read more stories from STIHL users, head on over to the STIHL Testimonials page. And if you’ve got a great story to share, please send it in and we just might feature it here and on the STIHL USA Facebook page one day!