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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Heart of STIHL

As you can imagine we are pleased to receive numerous letters and emails sharing stories about STIHL outdoor power equipment and the lives of our customers.  This one story in particular moved us.  We know the carver Marlin Miller well and are proud to be part of his amazing work.  Our most sincere thanks to Cathy and her family for allowing us to share the story with our friends as a memorial to her father Jack Crumley. We are honored to be part of her tribute.

Two years ago I commissioned a wood sculptor by the name of Marlin Miller from Florida to carve a replica of a Stihl chainsaw for my Father, Jack Crumley, for his 87th birthday. Mr. Miller carved an amazing replica of a STIHL chainsaw with his Stihl chainsaw. My Father was a self employed pulpwood contractor for 40 years and he used and loved the Stihl brand. He preferred Stihl compared to others brands because it was lightweight, had higher RPM's and would definitely cut wood faster and more efficiently. He actually lived and breathed everything to do with cutting pulpwood and using his chainsaw. Even in his later years after retiring, he would service chainsaws and file chains for other people.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, my precious Father passed away. It was an obvious choice by the family to use this one of a kind carved Stihl chainsaw for his memorial service that was presented to him two years prior. Golden Funeral home in Bastrop, LA, was responsible for adding silk greenery and foliage to represent the outdoors in honor of my Father. The STIHL chainsaw through the years brought much joy to my Father, and we could think of NOTHING that would have represented his love for the outdoors than using what Mr. Miller carved so brilliantly. I decided to share this story with Stihl because of the impact your product had on my Father during his many years in the timber business. I wanted others to enjoy my story, the photos of this amazing replica of your Stihl chainsaw, and how we used it for the memorial service in honor of my Father's hard work. Sometimes it's just nice to stop and share what brings joy to others.

Cathy Pruitt
Gulfport, MS