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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why buy a STIHL chain saw?

10 Reasons to Choose a STIHL Chain Saw

We believe that our chain saws are legendary because of the quality and performance they provide to their owners year after year. And while many other manufacturers may choose to rest on the reputation of their past success, we continue to push forward, always improving our chain saws and continually challenging ourselves to meet the needs of tomorrow.  Because becoming a legend is one thing, but remaining one is something else entirely. Here are 10 reasons why we think you should choose a STIHL:
1) The #1 selling brand of chain saws worldwide – From leading professionals to demanding homeowners, STIHL chain saws are known for their quality, dependability andhear it from real STIHL owners.
durability. But don’t take our word for it –
2) More features than those “bargain big box” chain saws – STIHL chain saws are engineered and built with the end-user in mind. Even our occasional-use chain saws are packed full of features that deliver optimal performance and increased comfort.
3) Manufactured to exacting standards – There’s a good chance your STIHL chainsaw was built right here in America, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA. Every saw must meet rigorous standards, and each and every saw is started and tested before it leaves the factory.

4) A warranty worthy of the STIHL name – Our dependable saws are also backed by a dependable warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. Plus, you may be eligible to double your warranty on your next chain saw purchase!

5) A saw for nearly every job – Whether you need to cut firewood or do precision pruning, there is a STIHL chain saw for you. And you can easily compare STIHL chain saw models to ensure you’ll get just what you need. Not sure where to start in choosing the right one for you? Try our chain saw selector.

6) Sold by knowledgeable Dealers – With over 8000 Dealers from coast to coast, your local STIHL dealer is just around the corner, ready to provide sound advice on product selection, proper equipment use and recommended protective apparel. Remember, you won’t find STIHL at mass merchants like Lowe’s® and Home Depot® – Learn why STIHL is only sold at independent servicing retailers.

7) Service after the sale – With in-store parts and service by certified technicians, your STIHL Dealer can help you keep your equipment running strong.

8) Online tools available 24/7 – From product manuals to tips and how-to information, STIHL provides a vast array of online resources for STIHL owners. Plus, our video library delivers detailed visual instruction on features, operation, maintenance, and protective apparel.

9) The choice of professional arborists and forestry workers – From world-renowned tree-care experts and loggers across the globe to worldwide competitors in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series, the STIHL name is synonymous with professional power.

10) A commitment to the environment and those working to sustain it – We are dedicated to developing products that are environmentally responsible and are proud to feature some of the cleanest running handheld outdoor power equipment available today. Combined with our continued partnerships, we look to lead the industry in ensuring a cleaner environment in the future.

For a STIHL dealer near you use the dealer locator at http://www.stihlusa.com/