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Thursday, February 28, 2013

STIHL Inc. Supports Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW)

Guest blog post from Reach Out Worldwide. 

UPDATE: Paul and ROWW recently visited STIHL Inc. in Va. Beach, Va. Take a look at some of the photos here.
Springtime in the United States can present an opportunity for a variety of weather related disasters from tornadoes, to lightening storms, hail, high winds, and flooding. The spring of 2011 was a season that changed the course of history for storm related tragedies. April 25th, 2011, was the beginning of the largest tornado outbreak that had ever been recorded, which left catastrophic destruction in many states
including Alabama.

Immediately following the news of the tornado disaster that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama; we pooled our resources and deployed a team to provide assistance in any way we may be needed. Upon arriving to Alabama, we knew we needed to purchase tools and equipment to help clear the debris that littered the streets, homes, and businesses. Our goal was to get the best, most reliable tools possible, which is why chose the STIHL brand. Many of our team members had used their products in the past, and knew that we could rely on them to do the job.

Shortly after our time in Alabama, we began an official partnership with STIHL, who had contacted us after having seen us utilizing their tools in Tuscaloosa. STIHL has since provided us a variety of tools which are essential during our deployments, as well as important training for our teams to ensure we are using the equipment properly.

STIHL prides themselves on being a leader in the outdoor power tool industry, and their partnership with Reach Out Worldwide carries a reliable product into areas where quick and productive recovery is vital to the well-being of those affected by disaster. When a tree has fallen on a person's home, and they are trapped inside, top-notch chain saws are life savers. When roads are covered by debris and victims are in desperate need of assistance, we can clear a path quickly and efficiently. STIHL tools allow us to do just that. A team with powerful tools by their side, are able to execute a successful mission.

            "It's not just about a good product, but it's about making a difference with that product."

Learn more details about STIHL Inc. supporting ROWW here.