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Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Easy Curb Appeal Solutions for Your Home

You take pride in your home and want it to look its best.  Here are some tips from our friends at Homes.com to give your home's curb appeal a lift.

When it comes to curb appeal, sometimes little things can go a long way. You can easily improve your home’s curb appeal with these simple solutions and transform the look of your home into something brand new!

Fix Up Your Front Entrance

You can easily enhance your home’s appearance by bringing attention to your front door. The front door and entrance are natural focal point of your home. Keeping your front entrance tidy and dressing it up will instantly add a very pleasant visual touch to your home.

Painting your door or adding some decorations such as a wreath, are fantastic ways to attract attention to your front entrance. Wreaths are also great do-it-yourself projects and can be easily removed or changed out, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

Dressing up the path leading to your front door with solar powered lights can help give your home curb appeal in the evening hours as well. If you have a light post in your front yard, consider sprucing that up as well with a fresh coat of paint and planting some bushes or flowers around the post to accent it.

Decorate the Front Yard

To add creativity to your home’s curb appeal, consider a container garden. Simply group potted plants together by your entrance, along the pathway leading up to your front door or in front of your porch, ideally symmetrical or patterned. Try not to bunch too many similarly colored plants together but again, place them in an orderly pattern to properly showcase them and your home. Small bushes are also great additions; they can really frame a home and highlight its features. And before you know it, voila, you have a mixture of pots and plants adding creativity and color to your home’s front yard!

There are many other options out there if you have a green thumb and a little determination. Take a look through some landscape magazines or the Homes.com idea gallery to get other great ideas for no stress additions to your front yard.

Update the Hardware

As mentioned previously, sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way. Refreshing your home’s external hardware allows you to adjust curb appeal to any theme you choose for your home. Hardware can include door knobs, door bells, outer window shields, gutters, etc. House numbers are a great potential DIY project and something every home could use highlighted. You could simply repaint them and stick or mount on them to your home or mailbox.

Speaking of mailboxes, the mailbox is an amazing opportunity to increase impression value for your home. It is one of the first area’s people see when visiting a new home and it can say a lot about you and your home’s personality. You can jazz up your old mailbox with some of the leftover plants from your front yard project or hit it with a fresh coat of paint like the light post or maybe even put a wreath on it - there’s nothing that you can’t do!

Whatever methods you chose to add pizzazz to your exterior and raise your curb appeal, keep it organized and let your family’s personality show!


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