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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OPEI Launches Consumer Protection Campaign

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute urges consumers to “Look Before You Pump”

Today’s complicated fuel market has heightened consumer confusion at the pump, significantly increasing the potential of detrimental misfueling of non-road engine power equipment. Filling stations may now have pumps offering both E-10 and E-15, or have blender pumps dispensing mid-level ethanol fuels for “flex-fuel”automobiles. Therefore, consumers need to be educated about the available choices in order to assure they select the correct fuels for their products.

E-15, or 15% Ethanol is a blend of gasoline that contains no less than 10% up to 15% ethanol (by volume). Currently, most gasoline that is sold at fuel stations in the U.S. is E-10 which contains no more than 10% ethanol (by volume).  However the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved E-15 for use in model year 2001 and newer cars.  It should be noted, however, that the  EPA has prohibited and made illegal the use of  E-15 in any “non-road” vehicles, which include boats, snowmobiles and most importantly any outdoor power equipment.

The OPEI Campaign

To protect users of outdoor power equipment, OPEI has launched the “Look Before You Pump” Campaign to educate consumers about the variety of fuels available at the pump, and how to identify the right fuel for your outdoor power equipment.
What you need to know
Gasoline blended with more than 10% ethanol is not approved for use in outdoor power equipment. Use of non-approved fuel (any fuel containing greater than 10% ethanol) in non-road outdoor power equipment is illegal and may negatively affect engine performance and longevity, permanently damage the engine and may void the manufacturer’s warranty. 
You should always consult your operator’s manual, which explains what fuels can be used to maintain a properly functioning product.  And before you refuel “Look Before You Pump” to ensure that you do not use fuel containing greater than 10 percent ethanol in your outdoor power equipment. 
For more information  visit our website and learn about the gasoline guidelines for STIHL power equipment. Also visit www.LookBeforeYouPump.com for more information or search for #LookB4UPump on Twitter and Facebook.