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Friday, August 22, 2014

Daniel de los Reyes – Keeping the Beat With Love

Recently we were introduced to a talented musician that has a dream of helping children through music.  It is a story that inspired us to support the project, and share it with you here.

Daniel de losReyes is a band member and resident percussionist with the three-time GRAMMY Award-winning Zac Brown Band.  He is a man who embraces ingenuity with bold new inventions, and inspires thousands with his musical abilities. Anyone with an appreciation for music will recognize his performing and recording credits including performances with Chicago, Don Henley, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jennifer Lopez, Peter Frampton, and Sheryl Crow…to name a few. 

Daniel comes from a long line of drummers and percussionists.  Over the years he has maintained the life-long dream of operating a music development and education center, focusing on the use of percussion instruments, rhythms from around the world, dance, and vocals as valuable tools in teaching technical and interpretive music skills as well as motivating and instilling a sense of coalescence in today’s youth. He has realized his dream with the creation of DayGLOW Music™

 “I have been very blessed in my musical career and I would like to continue to give something back to others interested in music,” Daniel told us. “This camp will be my way of helping children and young adults with a general enthusiasm for music to develop a better knowledge of the different sounds and rhythms from all over the world and give them a better appreciation for the people and customs of those different cultures.”
Daniel hard at work with his STIHL MS 290
We knew that to move his project forward he would need quality tools.  Daniel was already a fan of STIHL.  “I have the MS 290 chainsaw.  That's my baby. Love her and respect the heck out of her.”  To fill out his shed so that he could continue to build and maintain the camp we sent him on a $5000 shopping spree at his local STIHL dealer, Fayette Mower, where owner Gabe Glaze and service manager Bill Gist started hime out with a BR 600 backpack blower, a STIHL Kombi System with multiple attachments, a pole pruner, and of course protective equipment.  

Daniel with the team at Fayette Mower
Daniel was very pleased with the service and assistance he got and in addition to getting some new equipment he made some new friends. “Everyone was great. They not only set me up with the right equipment for the job, but made sure I was comfortable with how to use it before I left the store. I know I will be back as I figure out what I need next.”

DayGLOW Music™ is nestled in the picturesque community of Fayetteville, GA, and will initially operate as a day camp open to metro Atlanta students with varying degrees of musical interest and ability. Eventually, the center will include a mentorship program, with the most promising students rising through the ranks to serve as counselors. All participants will be immersed in a creative culture with a natural backdrop that will encourage individual expression and group interaction while fostering an authentic learning experience.

The core curricula will include five music and rhythm courses, which are currently in development, but are expected to be complete prior to the grand opening in the late spring of 2015.

For more information,  or to join companies like STIHL in supporting DayGLOW Music™, please visit www.DayGLOWMusic.org or email info@dayglowmusic.org.