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Friday, January 23, 2015

Winning Legacy of Team STIHL Continues with an Unlikely Leader of the Pack

With another big win at the2014 DockDogs World Championships, Team STIHL is running out of room on the trophy wall! 

The heart and soul of the team, Remi, a black lab and German-shepherd mix, isn’t your typical five-year-old pooch. While he enjoys chasing critters in a field, and spends the rest of his days soaking up tons of sleep, he set himself apart from the rest of his canine companions with his fourth consecutive world championship title in the Sonic Speed Retrieve competition.

Life hasn’t always been ribbons and medals for the young pup. Four years ago, Remi was in a shelter and was set to be put down if not placed in a home. Tom Dropik, a dog-lover and leader of Team STIHL, took Remi in with the plan to foster him until he found a suitable owner. He quickly took notice of the dog’s personality, realized his potential as a competitor, and made him a permanent part of his family.

Tom’s journey in dock jumping events started in 2001 when he and his black lab, Tucker, began competing and were instantly hooked after taking third place at their very first competition. Tom was devastated when Tucker passed in 2010.  But that changed when Tom and Remi became a team.  You might say that Remi restored Tom's heart shortly after Tom saved Remi's life. 

Now Team STIHL plans on continuing their winning tradition with Remi in the lead, and new members RJ and Rocky, looking to continue the legacy that Tom and Tucker started many years ago.

For more information on Tom, Remi and Team STIHL, please visit Sportmutt.com and keep up with them on Facebook and YouTube