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Friday, February 6, 2015

Product Profile: STIHL TSA 230 Cutquik® Cut-off Machine

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of the STIHL Battery KombiSystem, more and more professionals are adding battery-powered products to their fleet of equipment. The TSA 230 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine, launched in 2014, has been put to the test and professionals are loving it!

Michael Byrne of The Patio Company in Hamilton, Mass. told us he found the TSA 230 to be a very powerful piece of equipment that works exceptionally well. Byrne and his team have been really pleased with its performance.

Dan Pherson, our product manager responsible for the TSA 230, remembers when old battery technology was known for powering products that weren’t durable, weren’t powerful and were very heavy. With the advanced STIHL Lithium-Ion battery technology, we’ve created equipment that is made to last with excellent power-to-weight ratios.

Michael’s team was wary of using the battery-powered tool at first, but quickly found there was more to the TSA 230 than meets the eye. According to Michael, there were 5 top benefits to using the TSA 230.

Go green and expand your work spaces

As the world’s first battery-powered cut-off machine, the TSA 230 produces zero exhaust emissions and so it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.  This meant that Michael's work was not producing exhaust fumes that could irritate his client or produce dangerous carbon monoxide. Michael also noted that with engine noise eliminated, the TSA 230 reduced the impact of his work on the homeowners and their neighbors.

Breathe easy
Dust flowing through the air is more than an annoyance on the job. Suppressing dust is becoming a higher priority every day due to the health risks associated with dust inhalation.

The STIHL TSA 230 comes equipped with an onboard water connection and control which suppresses dust, and makes wet cutting easier. Dry cutting in dust-sensitive areas where water cannot be used is aided by the depth guide with optional vacuum adapter accessory and proper respirator.

Easy to use without compromising performance

Michael said his team was somewhat hesitant to try the new cut-off machine at first, and had doubts about its ability to do the job because it was battery powered.

After trying it, they were surprised at how powerful the TSA 230 was, especially since it was much smaller than the tools they normally used. An added bonus was the TSA's compact and lightweight design that reduced operator fatigue and started with just a pull of the trigger.   

Tackle even the toughest jobs

Most pros have a negative view of battery-powered products, and for good reason. Historically battery powered products weren't able to compete with their gas-powered counterparts. The TSA 230 breaks these stereotypes with its versatility in cutting capability. 

Over an eight month period, The Patio Company did a complete renovation on all the hardscape for a high end client. They picked up all the granite, bluestone and stone that was on the property and re-leveled it and re-laid it. The TSA 230 was instrumental in providing that service to their customer and Michael’s team used the TSA 230 on a variety of materials.

Save time and money on the job

With gas eliminated from the power equation, costs were reduced and the team didn't need to stop for refueling, increasing their efficiency.  Michael found that he could keep the unit running almost continuously with one battery in the unit and the other on the charger.

We are proud that we were able to assist Michael and the Patio Company in maintaining their high standards, while improving their efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

To learn more about the STIHL TSA 230 watch this product video  or visit the STIHL TSA 230 product page.

To contact The Patio Company visit them on The Patio Company website