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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fostering: It's a Dog's Life

by Tom Dropik

When you foster a dog you are helping save a life.  Fostering is giving a dog the time he/she needs to be ready for a forever home. K9 Rescue Shelters around the world are doing what they can to offer our furry friends a place to stay and provide them with the essentials they need to survive.  The problem is the Shelters have only so much room. Fostering is an AWESOME way to help our Shelters as well as prepare our friends for Adoption.

If you are considering Fostering a dog, here are a few things I recommend you know

5 things you show know when fostering a Dog:

1 Adjustment Period – a Foster may not know what it’s like to live in a home with a family to help take care of them.  Be prepared to give the dog time to settle and adjust to their new surroundings. Take comfort in knowing their ‘Real’ personality will eventually come out.

2 Food expenses – simply put, there’s another mouth to feed. This is a good discussion to have with the rescue organization to understand how much the Foster eats.  Some shetlers can even help with obtaining the required food.

3 Medical requirements - it’s important to discuss the current medical condition of the dog and determine who pays for medical bills should they arise. It’s also a good idea to let your local vet know you are fostering.

4 Time – be prepared to give your new friend some time. Whether they are the only dog in your home or an addition to your pack, be prepared to give the Foster the time they deserve.

5 Adoption – ask the Shelter if it’s ok to adopt if you choose. It has been my experience that most shelters would be VERY Excited to hear that you’ll be sharing your home forever.

Remi – a Foster Story – Fostering Remi and ultimately bringing Remi in to my home has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The rewards I experience with him on a daily basis are far more than what I expected and far more than what I can return to him. I truly believe he knows I saved him and will reward me for that for the rest of his life.

About Tom Dropik. Tom is a Performance Dog Enthusiast who travels the US and Canada competing and educating other enthusiasts. You can learn more about Tom and his ventures on Facebook at http://www.facebook/TeamSTIHL  or his SportMutt website at http://www.sportmutt.com