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Monday, June 22, 2015

One Battery. Multiple Tools.

In our ongoing effort to simplify landscaping tasks, STIHL offers the yard workers of the world a new innovation with efficient, easy-to-use technology – the STIHL Battery KombiSystem.

With the STIHL Battery KombiSystem, all you need is one lithium-ion battery to power a full line of STIHL handheld outdoor power equipment. So you can trim grass, prune hedges, blow leaves and cut wood, all in one innovative battery-powered yard care system.

We’ve designed the STIHL Battery KombiSystem to be easy to use.  How would you like to never have to buy gas again for your power tools? Making the switch to lithium-ion battery power means no more last-minute trips to the pump to finish trimming your yard, no more smelly red fuel cans, no more hassle of mixing fuel. Plus, STIHL battery-powered products are lightweight and easy to maneuver, taking some of the strain out of your weekend chores.

Less noise makes for happier neighbors, and STIHL Battery KombiSystem products run much quieter than their gasoline-powered equivalents. And by harnessing battery power, engine emissions are eliminated, resulting in less impact on the environment. Every product in the STIHL Lithium-Ion lineup starts up instantly with a pull of the trigger, so you can start sooner and finish faster.

You may be thinking, “That all sounds great, but does the STIHL Battery KombiSystem have what it takes to get the job done?” Absolutely. STIHL wouldn’t lend its iconic orange and gray color scheme to any product that didn’t live up to their high standards for quality and dependability. Each STIHL Lithium-Ion battery packs 36 volts of power, giving the HSA 65 hedge trimmer the cutting speed you need, and the BGA 85 blower the air volume to plow through piles of leaves or grass clippings. And each battery is designed for long run times and quick recharges, so you can knock out those yard tasks fast and get back to enjoying your weekend.

So the next time you find yourself grabbing that fuel can and heading to the filling station, why not take a detour and head to your local STIHL dealer instead to learn about this great new yard care system.