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Monday, June 1, 2015

“Real People. STIHL People.” Are You One?

The STIHL story began back in 1926 when our founder, Andreas Stihl, invented the first electric chain saw.  In 1974 STIHL Inc. began our story when we began manufacturing STIHL equipment right here in Virginia Beach, VA.  But we know that the STIHL story is made up of millions of stories from our fans and customers, your stories. And that's why we launched “Real People. STIHL People.” the single largest program in our history to find, collect, and share the passion, excitement, and pride that is all part of the STIHL experience.

We think that there is something special about the people who build, sell or use STIHL equipment.  You have told us how proud you are of your equipment, and how it is part of your work and play.   And while each of your stories is unique, there is always the common thread of the shared values of quality, dependability, power and innovation. 

That is the heart of the #RealSTIHL campaign.  We want to know who you are, and how STIHL is part of your life.  With the #RealSTIHL app we let you tell your story and share other STIHL equipment user stories. And we are featuring select #RealSTIHL user stories as part of our national advertising campaign in print, online, and on TV.

Maybe you used one of our chain saws to cut your wedding cake. (Don’t laugh; we actually know someone who did!). Maybe you are a landscaper like Zack Kline.  Or wood you cut with your chain saw kept your family warm through an extreme cold winter. Or maybe our personal protective equipment helped save your life. Or you were lucky enough to inherit a STIHL equipment collection that began three generations ago in your family.  Or maybe your STIHL story spans several generations like the Bocks.

Whatever your story is we want to hear it.  Simply visit our Real PeopleSTIHL People website to get started or check out  #RealSTIHL in social media.