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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Behind the Scenes with the STIHL Singing Test Cell

When we decided to create a video where a STIHL Test Cell makes a chain saw sing the national anthem we just thought it would be a fun way of wishing our fans a Happy Independence Day, and a way to say thank you to America where we have been proudly building STIHL equipment for the past 40 years.  The video we produced was a follow on to the Silent Night video we posted this past December.

The videos have been wildly successful and of course we get asked how they were made.  One of the instrumental people in this development process of configuring the chain saw was Andy Findlay, a Test Cell Supervisor at STIHL Inc. Findlay explains, “Because we can control our RPM’s so well in our test cells, we took our MS 291 and made music.” Findley elaborated on the breakdown of the process further by saying, “We can control the RPM of the saw based on the dyno and when we rev the engine to wide open throttle, we can control that RPM up and down to each individual RPM. Each one of those RPM’s is a frequency that equals a note.”

When this idea was initially formulated, Findlay went to Thomas Lindgens, a Test Cell Technician at STIHL Inc., who provided the programming to get the notes to come up in the correct order. To do this, Lingden explains, “I needed 120-150 steps in order to get all the notes throughout the whole song.” With progress being made within the test cell, Findlay now had to find someone with musical experience.

Pinar Kuruc sits next to Findlay in the office and she said, “one day he popped his head up above the cubicle and asked me, ‘hey, do you know how to read music?’ and I said, ‘Yeah! I played the clarinet throughout high school and college.’” Kuruc’s musical experience allowed her to read the sheet music to figure out the length of each note which enabled Lindgens to enter the notes and set time delays for each.

With the “music” figured out, the next step was the production of the actual video. Playing off the patriotic theme of the National Anthem, we decided we wanted this video to incorporate the people who build the STIHL power tools. As Les Robinson, who assisted in the conception and production of the video stated, “We have incredible people with incredible stories working in our factory…doing incredible work. This was a way to tell their stories and show the people behind the products while at the same time thanking our customers for supporting us.”

Robinson went on to say after the launch of the video, “When I read the comments after posting the video, it made me realize the video helped people who saw it connect with our brand on a level that felt real to them.” To learn more about the Real People. STIHL People campaign, check out the stihlusa website and the STIHL YouTube channel.

So is there more music in the future for our test cell?  You will just have to follow our pages to find out.