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Monday, February 8, 2016

Watch Team STIHL Compete in the 2015 Super Boat Championships on NBC Sports

Now you can watch Team STIHL Offshore Racing compete in the high-speed, high-powered action from  the recent 2015 Super Boat International Key West World Championships, on NBC Sports in February!

Show times are as follows:

2/14 3-4pm
2/20 6-7pm
2/28 3-4pm

This was the 35th Annual Key West World Championship and we’re proud to says STIHL is presenting sponsor of the championship shows.  “We, at STIHL, are very pleased to be bringing this exciting sport to a broader audience,” said Roger Phelps, Corporate Communications Manager for STIHL Inc. “Our brand is all about power, precision, and the team behind the machine, and offshore racing is a perfect fit for us.”

You’ll get an up close look from the air, land and sea, in-depth coverage and a behind-the-scenes look at the boats and the teams.

Check out clip from the show: