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Monday, August 1, 2016

Checklist: Top 5 signs of a dull saw chain

Many times customer complain that their saw is “losing power” when in fact the saw is in good working order.  If the cutting performance of your chainsaw begins to decrease, it could mean that the saw chain needs to be sharpened. 

Here are 5 signs that your saw chain could be dull.

  1. The saw chain has to be forced to cut by applying pressure to the engine unit. It does not pull itself into the wood.
  2. The saw starts to produce fine sawdust instead of chips or coarse strands.
  3. Smoke develops in or around the cut, even though the chain lubrication is in working order and the chain tension is correct.
  4. The cut is crooked and the chainsaw wanders in one direction. This is an indication of dull cutting teeth on one side of the chain or uneven cutting teeth lengths.
  5. It is difficult to achieve precise positioning. The chainsaw “rattles” and “bounces” during the cut.

The essentials at a glance:

If your saw chain is dull, you can learn how to sharpen it with this video on chainsaw sharpening.  And you can find all your chain sharpening tools here